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That’s what the pink flyer Mayor Getty’s assistant handed me said.  “THE OLD SCHOOL BOARD IS ONLY INTERESTED IN WASTING YOUR MONEY!!!”  So what are the new Lyons District 103 school board members going to do to STOP THE WASTE?

First order of business at Thursday night’s special board meeting was to fire the law firm that served District 103 for 40 years and hire in Odelson & Sterk.  Now I’ve been wondering why the new board members wanted to change the board meetings from Monday to Thursday.  Here’s my guess:  Burt Odelson can’t be there on Mondays.  He’s often at North Riverside or Park Forest’s board meetings on Mondays.  Let’s play this out a little bit and assume it is Burt’s intent to be at each of District 103’s board meetings (or send one of his other attorneys).  The board meets twice a month (24) plus multiple times for goal setting or student disciplinary items (10) for a total of 30 meetings Odelson & Sterk could bill the district for.  Two hours per meeting at $175/hr.  So if I’m right, District 103 could be spending an additional $10,500 per year.  The previous law firm rarely attended board meetings.

The second order of business was to fire the 2 interim superintendents (who had already quit) and hire Mr. Hastings as interim.  If they are so interested in stopping waste why didn’t they bring Dr. Vladika back?  She’s at home collecting a paycheck.  If Mr. Hastings works 38 days till the end of June at $800 per day (we don’t really know what he will be making but that’s what the 2 interims were making) that would be a total of $30,400.

I guess the waste is OK if the money is being spent on your guys.


  1. Good questions, wonder what the answers will be. I also couldn’t understand how the board fired two people not employed by the district?? Does that mean I can fire someone at the grocery store that I don’t like? Wow, that has possibilities!!!!


  2. Did a little digging in the Illinois School Report Cards portion of the ISBE website to compare how SD 103 spent its dollars compared to the three districts where Mr. Hastings has left his footprints. Here’s the numbers I found:
    Instructional spending per student:
    Bellwood SD 88 $5,324
    Proviso HSD 209 $7,049
    Bloom HSD 206 $7,959
    SD 103 $7,113
    STATE AVG. $7,094
    Operational (total) spending per student:
    Bellwood SD 88. $11,180
    Proviso HSD 209 $13,852
    Bloom HSD 206 $16,509
    SD 103 $10,916
    STATE AVG. $12,045
    Percent of operational dollars spent on instruction per student:
    Bellwood SD 88 47.6
    Proviso HSD 209 50.9
    Bloom HSD 206 48.2
    SD 103 65.2
    STATE AVG. 58.9

    Even more interesting is how much each district spent percentagewise compared to the state average in the following areas:
    Bellwood SD 88 37.6
    Proviso HSD 209 39.5
    Bloom HSD 206 40.8
    SD 103 49.0
    STATE AVG. 48.5
    General Administration:
    Bellwood SD 88. 6.5
    Proviso HSD 209. 4.2
    Bloom HSD 206. 5.7
    SD 103 3.1
    STATE AVG. 3.3
    Support services:
    Bellwood SD 88. 34.0
    Proviso HSD 209. 35.2
    Bloom HSD 206. 38.0
    SD 103 26.6
    STATE AVG. 30.1
    Other expenditures:
    Bellwood SD 88. 21.8
    Proviso HSD 209. 21.1
    Bloom HSD 206. 15.5
    SD 103. 21.3
    STATE AVG. 18.2

    Where exactly is the alleged “wasteful” spending in SD 103? Especially compared to districts where Kyle Hastings has left his mark? (And if you visit the ISBE site, you can track this data over the last 5 – 10 years to see trends and the numbers under his watch).
    Perhaps a handout detailing THIS info should be passed out to those attending the next school board meeting.


    • Great work, makes a big difference when you see the numbers together. Where will they cut and where did the old board overspend? Can’t argue with the facts. Big thank you for this comparison, means a lot.


  3. According to the minutes of the June 9, 2014 Bloom Twsp HSD 206 board meeting, Kyle Hastings’ per diem rate (at the time of his retirement) was $490.33. Let us surely hope that the four don’t offer him a fifty -seventy percent increase over that amount out of…ignorance, arrogance, or “only following orders”.


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