Taxation Without Representation

The natives are getting restless.   They’re putting on war-paint and gathering at the harbor. Soon they’ll sneak out to the ships and dump the tea overboard. Why? Taxation Without Representation!

The good people of Lyons, McCook, Stickney, Brookfield and Forest View elected Michael Bennett, Jorge Torres, Katie Broderick and Coleen Shipbaugh to the Lyons Elementary School District 103 board of education to represent their interests. They looked at their latest Cook County tax bill and saw that the school district takes the biggest bite of their taxes, so they wanted people on the school board to make good decisions on their behalf (STOP THE WASTE! BE ACCOUNTABLE!). That didn’t happen.

They didn’t make the most important decision they were elected for – to select the superintendent.   It’s clear to me that they never even met Kyle Hastings before they tried to vote him in as superintendent (prior to when they were legally seated as board members).   I’ll bet they hadn’t even read his resume before the board meeting they did vote him in.

Mayor Getty had met Kyle Hastings.  He made the decision – for all the taxpayers in Lyons, McCook, Stickney, Brookfield and Forest View. He wasn’t elected as a school board member. Taxation Without Representation!

PS – Mr. Hastings will be interim superintendent for 130 odd days.  Who will select the superintendent who will be in charge of the district for years?

5 thoughts on “Taxation Without Representation

  1. and the next step is to decide how much Mr. Hastings is to be paid………this should be interesting since the former board was highly criticized for paying the previous interim supers $800 per day while paying the former super to stay at home. Will they now do what they said was so horrible? I guess it all depends on which foot the shoe is on and now they wear the shoe!


  2. Humm. Wasn’t this the same guy who got in trouble in a previous district for being a superintendent, AND an interim sup at the same time??? Might one call that “DOUBLE-DIPPING”? >


  3. Looking at Mr. Hastings’ employment record since he received his Superintendent
    certification in August of 2008, he has only served as an actual superintendent – not an assistant for human resources nor an interim for curriculum/instruction nor a director for business development — for his stint at Bellwood SD 88, from which he was placed on adminstrative leave in December of 2010, according to the Chicago Tribune, and paid to sit home the remainder of the school year while an interimwas hired to assume his duties.
    What is a bit disturbing is that there has been not even a whisper from the new majority about conducting a search for a permanent superintendent, while, according to the ISBE website, Mr. Hastings renewed his license on April 23, 2015. That expires June 30, 2020. Is the new board intent upon offering him the actual position, again without input or a search?
    Perhaps they need a reminder from counsel: for every right, a remedy. Even in the Illinois School Code!


    • I believe Mr. Hastings is retired, which prevents him from becoming the permanent superintendent. He will work 100 days after July 1st. During that time I presume the board will do a proper search for a full-time superintendent.


      • He’s already planning on working 130 days thus far: 30 days in the 2014-2015 year and 100 days in the 2015-2016 year. Unclear whether there is a mechanism by which he could rescind his retirement in order to work as super in 103 for a few more years.


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