As predicted here at there’s a new chair at the school board table – a $175/hr chair.  From now on an attorney from Odelson & Sterk will be seated next to the board president at board meetings.  Interim superintendent Kyle Hastings seemed surprised that the board had somehow muddled through the past 40-50 years without an attorney advising them during board meetings.  So if the meeting goes three hours the district pays $525 for the attorney to sit and watch District 103 kids sing, or to listen to a report on the drainage problems at Robinson, or hear a parent complain about state testing, or … you get the idea.

More predictions!

1) Mr. Hastings will not be making $800/day like those wasteful interim superintendents who preceded him.

2) Mr. Hastings will collect a check for every working-day from now till June 30th.  Isn’t he a mayor somewhere, too?

2 thoughts on “STOP THE WASTE & BE ACCOUNTABLE! Part 2 of $175

  1. If you saw the pre-election material the G folks put out, they won’t be paying anyone until July 1st. Remember, the old board was wasting money paying interim’s and a retired super sitting at home still on 103 payroll. Oh yes, I forgot, ‘they’ hired him already, now let’s see if or what they pay him.


  2. Unbelievable! Yesterday when I checked Hastings’ ELIS file his PD status was retired — today it’s blank. Guess my crystal ball may be on target.


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