More Charter Schools Coming to Illinois


Illinois’ new Governor Bruce Rauner wants more charter schools, that much is clear.  His first move in this area was to hire Tony Smith as the Superintendent of the Illinois State Board of Education.  He was a proponent of charter schools as superintendent of the Oakland, CA school district.

Now word comes out that Rauner is paying $250,000 per year to his education secretary, Beth Purvis.  Ms. Purvis was the CEO of the Chicago International Charter School network, which has 16 campuses with 9,222 students enrolled.  Read more about how Governor Rauner tried to hide Purvis’ salary within an agency whose budget he intends to slash here.  Two-Hundred Fifty Thousand dollars is a lot of Illinois taxpayer money – Rauner justifies paying a consultant that kind of salary by stating you have to pay good people good money.  That money will be used to find ways to siphon more of Illinois’ taxpayer dollars away from public schools and into the pockets of private investors.

Governor Rauner is pro-business; he has disclosed his net worth is in the hundreds of millions of dollars.  Read about what Rauner thinks about how charter schools should treat ELL students and students with disabilities here.

4 thoughts on “More Charter Schools Coming to Illinois

  1. These RheeFormsters are a malignant cancer a lot like HIV. Once a RheeFormster gets elected, it sticks a needle into the public money supply and injects more of its cancerous kind into the stream without hesitation while keeping up a steady stream of BS to keep fooling as many people as possible.


  2. Although I didn’t vote for him, I had hopes that some of Mrs. Rauner’s interests in education would rub off on her husband. Boy, was I mistaken! Betsy Aldred >


  3. The idea of Chater Schools scares me as a parent and as an educator!

    What happens to the children whose families can not afford Charter schools?

    The education of all of our children is so important, for they will be the ones to keep America strong!! If we fail them we fail us as a Country.


    • The Voucher/Corporate Charter movement started with the theme that children and parents should have a choice, but we are seeing that so-called choice turning into NO choice becasue the goal was not to offer choice, it was to get rid of the public schools and turn children into a product to profit off of.

      Once the public schools are gone, there will be nothing left but the corporations. Imaginable what it will be like for a concerned parent to call one of those corporations: “Listen carefully to the menu of choices and press the nubmer that best fits the topic you want to talk about.”—sort of like calling Sears, AT&T or Comcast to talk to someone about a bill or lack of service.


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