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I had to call the Lyons School District 103 Admin Building the other day.  A very nice woman picked up and greeted me with “Village of Lyons.  Oops, sorry (giggle).  School District 103.”

It got me wondering how many people have left District 103 since Mayor Getty’s school board began just over a year ago (see HERE, HERE or HERE for more).  The list:

  1. Assistant to the superintendent
  2. Payroll Coordinator
  3. Benefits Coordinator/Receptionist (see above)
  4. Director of Technology
  5. Network Administrator
  6. Infrastructure Support
  7. Director of Curriculum
  8. Title I/ELL Coordinator
  9. Director of Special Education
  10. Director of Buildings and Grounds
  11. Principal of George Washington Middle School
  12. Assistant Principal, George Washington Middle School
  13. Principal of Costello School

Those 13 who left collectively had about 200 years of experience in education.  Most of the replacements for the above staff are friends of Getty, former (and current) Village of Lyons employees, or recommended to Getty by his friends.  They collectively have about 50 years of school experience.

It’s not clear if they understand if they are working for School District 103 or the Village of Lyons.  Or perhaps it is clear.

One thought on “STOP THE WASTE & BE ACCOUNTABLE: Part 6 of 13

  1. Not to mention many staff members, probably 40 others, that have resigned and taken jobs in other districts. When you have five school board members all directly or indirectly living off Village of Lyons or Lyons Library (also controlled by Getty) payroll, what do you think happens to the district? Tears roll for the district. There are many former board members and superintendents that worked hard to make this district what it was, the key word being was. Not to forget to mention the quarter of a million dollars in new salaries for the central office every year from now on or the quarter of a million dollars a year legal bills…………..just to only point out the tip of the iceberg. I am so sorry to write this, the frustration both Sharon and I are feeling gets to be overwhelming sometimes. Thank you for your accurate comments, they are much appreciated.


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